It's the latest attempt by Republican lawmakers to get President Trump to take a softer stance on trade. The president withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership in his first week in office.
The telecom giant has been fighting to force the Justice Department to reveal whether the president inappropriately interfered with a regulatory review of the $85 billion merger. But the judge said AT&T hasn't done enough to prove it was the victim of "selective enforcement."
A digital dilemma: Can you share your TV login with a friend? (Washington Post illustration; iStock)
A digital dilemma: Can you share your TV login with a friend? (Washington Post illustration; iStock)
The Switch
You need a password to stream the Olympics and many other shows, but sharing one isn't always a no-no.

REAL ESTATE MATTERS | We would think that the timeshare resort would have cheaper and better results trying to take over the timeshare interest rather than trying to collect from family members.

  • Ilyce Glink and Samuel J. Tamkin
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  • 31 minutes ago
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Mortgage-insurance premiums are again deductible, at least for 2017.

  • Perspective

Assessing recent upticks in key economic variables requires historical perspective.

The U.S. territory¡¯s new fiscal plan stirs worry over whether the federal aid package will enrich bondholders.

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Aim to have a savings rate of at least 10 percent.

A group of high school students from last week's Florida school shooting are attempting to do what few gun control activists have done before.

Analysis is the first of its kind to examine the career paths of Harvard Business School's black female alumnae

AT&T has not done enough to prove it was the victim of 'selective enforcement,' the judge said.

If they succeed, it could be precedent setting. Then again, an expert called one proposal 'crazypants illegal.'

The retailer said online sales grew 23 percent, down from 50 percent in the previous quarter.

Apple promised new batteries but delivered frustration and long wait times for many.

"Kentucky Fried CLOSED,¡± screamed the Sun as #KFCCRISIS trended. KFC blamed delivery problems, not fowl play.

What America¡¯s hardest-to-reach towns teach us about fighting malaria and the power of enormous data sets.

Do native-born Americans need to compete with immigrants for jobs that are going to be increasingly rare because of automation?

Several trade actions are pending.

Muriel E. Bowser seeks jobs to create an ¡°inclusive tech capital¡± that lifts the local economy.

The new approach could one day allow people to screen themselves for the risks that could lead to heart disease.

These loans still have a dark side. Remember the housing market collapse?

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