AT&T has not done enough to prove it was the victim of 'selective enforcement,' the judge said.

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You need a password to stream the Olympics and many other shows. Sharing one isn't always a no-no.

A group of high school students from last week's Florida school shooting are attempting to do what few gun control activists have done before.

Apple promised new batteries but delivered frustration and long wait times for many.

The new approach could one day allow people to screen themselves for the risks that could lead to heart disease.

Russians in St. Petersburg passed English-language tests and studied U.S. politics to target what they called the ¡®crap country.¡¯

That¡¯s up to the Trump administration, Congress and technology companies. So far, the answers are elusive.

The Justice Department says the company is on a "fishing expedition."

The tiff comes as the National Space Council, led by Vice President Pence, is set to meet again.

The Chrome tool has begun automatically blocking what Google has determined to be some of the Web's most annoying ads.

TOWN SQUARE |, and recently announced expansion plans aimed at revolutionizing the real estate marketplace.

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At a confirmation hearing for the Federal Trade Commission, several senators asked about the rise of Facebook and Google.

The HomePod was Apple¡¯s big chance to reintroduce Siri to a world dubious of its intelligence ¡ª and Siri stumbled out of the gate.

The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler interviews Siri in the HomePod, Apple's new smart speaker. Her answers left a lot to be desired.

Uber's sudden settlement of a high-profile lawsuit filed by Google's parent company is the most striking example of Uber¡¯s new lower-risk approach under its new chief executive.

The White House's plan to end federal support of the orbiting laboratory and privatize it would probably run into strong opposition.

A Florida man says one of his wireless headphones caught fire while he was at the gym.

Passwords are the bane of modern digital existence. But they're very hard to kill.

British lawmakers raise alarms over YouTube's move to label videos from state-funded broadcasters.

Apple¡¯s talking speaker, the HomePod, goes on sale Feb. 9. Post tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler says there are five things you should know before buying one.

We donned blindfolds to test Apple¡¯s smart speaker versus Amazon, Google and Sonos. But it was Siri that really let us down.

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