Jessica Ford tried to enter the presidential residence by driving her vehicle into a barricade, police say.

Police are seeking help identifying the suspect.

Whether the fox was rabid is unknown.

The Secret Service says the woman intentionally rammed her vehicle into the barricade.

Cpl. Mujahid Ramzziddin died in a ¡®selfless act in a time of selfish violence,¡± chief says

Issue goes to the heart of debate centering on the intersection of social media and transparent government.

The attack left one man dead and another shot nine times.

Nicholas Young maintains that he was wrongly convicted.

The marshals were attempting to serve a warrant when the man confronted them, police said.

A Honda collided with a tractor trailer late Thursday.

Judges required suspect to give up weapons because they thought he was a threat.

Federal judge says the state cannot revert to isolation for death row prisoners, which was ruled unconstitutional.

Officials in Montgomery County, Md., cast doubts on threats seen in teen¡¯s writings

The policeman approached the man outside a liquor store because he seemed ¡°suspicious,¡± authorities in Prince George¡¯s County said.

About 40 units in three buildings suffered extensive damage.

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