A leader in the violent Salvadoran gang testified about ordering a group murder.

  • Feb 21, 2018

Gregory Kyle Seerden, 32, is also accused of abusing another child and sexually assaulting a woman.

  • Feb 16, 2018

Now, Shawn Gover¡¯s past has caught up with him.

  • Feb 13, 2018

Six others from gun squad had previously admitted robbing, shaking down and illegally searching residents.

  • Feb 12, 2018

Virginia man who authorities say was radicalized in prison sentenced to 10 more years on gun charge.

  • Feb 12, 2018

She is charged with three counts, one a felony, and is on administrative leave, officials said.

  • Feb 12, 2018

Jerry Chun Shing Lee is accused of keeping classified information, but suspected of more.

  • Feb 6, 2018

He now faces up to 20 years in prison for fraud.

  • Feb 5, 2018

Raymond Ho laundered money for a mysterious man, known as Chief Onwa, he met online.

  • Feb 2, 2018

Updating as we learn more about the victims of the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

  • Oct 2, 2017
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