In the wake of Andrew McCabe¡¯s firing, John Dowd called for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to end the investigation ¡°manufactured by .?.?. James Comey.¡±

  • Mar 17, 2018

The White House¡¯s personnel turbulence creates uncertainty and gallows humor. As one senior official said, ¡°Everybody fears the perp walk.¡±

  • Mar 15, 2018

John McEntee was betting tens of thousands of dollars at a time, according to a person familiar with the situation.

  • Mar 15, 2018

The president dumps his secretary of state via Twitter, ending a 14-month relationship defined by mutual animosity and frustration.

  • Mar 13, 2018

The longtime Trump adviser denied any such contact and said he made one allusion to meeting Assange in jest.

  • Mar 13, 2018

The move brings major changes as the United States deals with delicate foreign policy efforts such as possible outreach to North Korea.

  • Mar 13, 2018

President Trump reportedly interviewed a veteran D.C. lawyer in the Oval Office last week.

  • Mar 11, 2018

President Trump and aides discussed potential steps that would seek to deter use of banned munitions.

  • Mar 5, 2018

Their departures come as the White House has scrambled to answer why dozens of staffers still lack permanent security clearances.

  • Feb 27, 2018

Joseph P. Clancy, whom then-President Obama summoned back from the private sector in late 2014 amid a string of security breaches and employee misconduct in the agency, said it¡¯s now time to retire for good.

  • Feb 14, 2017
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