In Vietnam, in matters of love and in their careers, the president and the man investigating him have followed opposite paths.

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New court-drawn map in Pennsylvania gives Democrats shot at a four-seat gain ¡ª maybe more. Those numbers would put them on a path toward the 24 needed for House control.

The DCCC was clear: It considers Laura Moser a weak candidate. The response? A bump in donations to her campaign.

Video shows Georgia state Rep. Betty Price telling a cyclist's widow she voted against a bill because her colleagues did not accept her version.

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Trump seems to miss his old life

At CPAC, the president tried to re-create the thrill of campaigning and reminisced about the gentler media coverage he received as a businessman.

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A big question in the debate about arming teachers: What about racial bias?

Some wonder what impact arming teachers could have on students of color.

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3 theories on how the new Manafort and Gates charges are tied to the Russia probe

It appears these latest indictments have spurred at least one member of Trump's campaign to share what he knows.

The 19 lawmakers are members of the moderate Tuesday Group. And Democrats aim to revive the assault weapons ban.

Before they joined the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates made millions from foreign dictators. Now they¡¯re accused of fraud.

The Republican¡¯s proposal is his first major break with the National Rifle Association. It comes in response to the latest mass shooting at a school.

The Missouri GOP says the case against its governor is a liberal fantasy backed by the politically active billionaire.

While Trump has pledged to take several actions in response to the Parkland, Fla., shootings, he has been most animated in recent days about his idea of arming teachers.

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein told White House Counsel Donald McGahn that there would be further delays in the background investigation of the president¡¯s son-in-law.

In a rollicking, 75-minute speech at CPAC, Trump recites ¡°The Snake¡± to bash immigrants and revives the divisive spirit of his campaign.

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The good news? A shooting at a given school is still very unlikely.

¡°I will let General Kelly make that decision,¡± Trump said Feb. 23, ¡°and he's going to do what's right for the country."

Gates, who also served on Trump¡¯s inaugural committee, admits to conspiracy and lying to the FBI and will cooperate with special counsel.

Local president wants armed teachers.

The fight over gun regulation is as much about social norms as formal laws.

The indictment alleges the Republican governor took a nude photo of a woman and used it to blackmail her. He says he's innocent.

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They also started out higher.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has seen plenty of candidates brought down by residence issues, has come to view Laura Moser as unelectable.

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